Toussaint_L'OuvertureIn 2018-19, I will be teaching on the following modules:


Colonialism and After

Rise of the Modern International Order

Race and the Making of the Modern World


Postcolonial and Decolonial Epistemologies

Theorising the Social



PhD Supervision

I am happy to receive inquiries about PhD supervision within areas of my research expertise.


I currently co-supervise the following students:

Roxanne Burke ‘Race in Modernity: The Dialectic of Possession and Dispossession’

Martina Paone ‘Peace-Building in the EU’

Piermarco Piu ‘The Postcolonial Reception of Gramsci’

Erika Herrera: ‘(De)humanising migrants’



Successfully completed PhDs:

Rodrigo Cordero-Vega, ‘Critique and Crisis in Social Theory’ (2011)

Lucy Mayblin, ‘Reconnecting Histories in British Asylum Policy’ (2013)

Katy Harsant, ‘History, Power, and Politics in the United Nations’ (2016)


infinite-jest-gillray-plumb-pudding-1805I have previously taught the following modules at the University of Warwick

Undergraduate: Sociological Perspectives; Theoretical Ideas; Modernity and Globalization; Global Historical Sociology; Global Sociology; Global Modernities; Race, Resistance, Modernity; Race and the Making of the Modern World

Postgraduate: Sociology and Postcolonialism; Theory for a Global Age; Sociology of Modernity I & II; Difference and Global Order; Philosophies of Social Science; Thinking through Issues in Contemporary Social Inquiry