Toussaint_L'OuvertureI teach on the following modules:


Colonialism and After

Rise of the Modern International Order

Empires, Nations, and the Making of Modern Citizenship

Colonialism and Modern Social Theory


Postcolonial and Decolonial Epistemologies

Theorising the Social


PhD Supervision

I am happy to receive inquiries about PhD supervision within areas of my research expertise.


Successfully completed PhDs:

Rodrigo Cordero-Vega, ‘Critique and Crisis in Social Theory’ (2011)

Lucy Mayblin, ‘Reconnecting Histories in British Asylum Policy’ (2013)

Katy Harsant, ‘History, Power, and Politics in the United Nations’ (2016)

Martina Paone ‘Peace-Building in the EU’ (2018)

Piermarco Piu ‘The Postcolonial Reception of Gramsci’ (2021)

Erika Herrera ‘(De)humanising migrants’ (2022)

Debbie Samaniego ‘Coloniality of Migration’ (2022)

Katy Budge ‘European Cosmopolitanism’ (2022)


infinite-jest-gillray-plumb-pudding-1805I have previously taught the following modules at the University of Warwick

Undergraduate: Sociological Perspectives; Theoretical Ideas; Modernity and Globalization; Global Historical Sociology; Global Sociology; Global Modernities; Race, Resistance, Modernity; Race and the Making of the Modern World

Postgraduate: Sociology and Postcolonialism; Theory for a Global Age; Sociology of Modernity I & II; Difference and Global Order; Philosophies of Social Science; Thinking through Issues in Contemporary Social Inquiry