Theory for a Global Age is a series that was first established with Bloomsbury Academic and then, in Sept 2015, moved to Manchester University Press. The rationale for the series is that while globalization is widely viewed as a current condition of the world, there is little engagement with how this changes the way we understand it. The series addresses the impact of globalization on the social sciences and humanities and each title focuses on a particular theoretical issue or topic of empirical controversy and debate, addressing theory in a comprehensive and interconnected manner. With contributions from scholars from a variety of locations, this series seeks to explore different perspectives to examine globalization from a global viewpoint. Each book in the series is available worldwide through a Creative Commons license, which allows for greater academic discourse, breaking down barriers and furthering the global dialogue which the series aims to develop.

Books published by Bloomsbury Academic





Books published by Manchester University Press
DP2014    JD2015   SoM (1)
Nanton FotC          
Bordering intimacy     Pluriversal sovereignty and the state

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