Brexit Resources

This page contains a list of the various comment pieces and articles I’ve written on Brexit.



2017 ‘So … Brexit‘ TEDxBrum October 15


Articles / Book chapters

2017 ‘Brexit, Trump, and ‘Methodological Whiteness’: On the Misrecognition of Race and Class,’ British Journal of Sociology special issue on The Trump/Brexit Moment: Causes and Consequences 68 (S1): S214–S232


2017 ‘Locating Brexit in the Pragmatics of Race, Citizenship and Empire’ in William Outhwaite (ed) Brexit: Sociological Responses. London: Anthem Press pdf available here


Comment pieces

2020 Rethinking Brexit in the light of Covid-19 Discover Society 22 Apr


2018 ‘Brexit, Empire, and Decolonization‘ History Workshop Online 19 Dec


2018 ‘Racial Hierarchy and Migration in BritainMedia Diversified 25 June


2018 ‘The imperial nostalgia of a “Small Island” The UK in a Changing Europe blog 4 June


2017 ‘Methodological Whiteness‘ Global Social Theory


2017 ‘Why are the white working classes still being held responsible for Brexit and Trump?’ LSE Brexit


2016 ‘Brexit, the Commonwealth, and Exclusionary Citizenship’ Open Democracy Dec 8


2016 Class Analysis in the Age of Trump (and Brexit): The Pernicious New Politics of Identity‘ Sociological Review Blog Nov 23


2016 ‘Viewpoint: Brexit, Class and British ‘National’ Identity’ Discover Society #34 July


2016 Brexit Blues – a Response to John Lanchester


Also see:

Outhwaite, William (ed) 2016. Brexit: Sociological Responses. Anthem Press


Dodd, Nigel, Mike Savage and Michele Lamont (eds) 2017. British Journal of Sociology. Special Issue: The Trump/Brexit Moment: Causes and Consequences all articles are open access


Danny Dorling on Brexit


Robbie Shilliam ‘Racism, Multiculturalism and Brexit




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